Totem-release-1 If there is one thing Rock Shox have got right over the last few years it’s the graphic treatment of the entire range of forks. The flagship has always been the Totem and 2010 is no exception in a their continued legacy of radness. For 2010 they have enlisted Cody Hudson of Struggle Inc. to tweak the Totems graphics, kind of bummed that it doesn’t extend into the rest of the fork line, I’ll just have to beg borrow and steal to get myself a Totem sticker pack!!! There are some technical things about the Totem that you may want to read about, full press release below…

Totem continues the wave of creativity in model year 2010 and offers up a new feel for riders that crave gravity. RockShox has worked diligently on the finer points concerning the updated Totem, the most exciting change being the addition of a new damper, Mission Control DH. Mission Control DH trades the floodgate in standard Mission Control for a high flow compression piston to optimize descent-oriented bump performance. This new damper is shared with Lyrik and BoXXer platforms and is the performance answer to spirited descents.

Totem is aimed at the rider who takes their ride from the trail to the air. With the standard Mission Control damper you can toggle between efficient climbing and big drop performance with the turn of a knob.

Mission Control and Mission Control DH dampers offer high and low speed compression adjustment with the durable and elegant feel of a shimmed damper design.

The damping system is not the only element enhanced for freeride’s strongest-performing fork. The Maxle Lite joins this burly 40mm chassis to shave an impressive 40% off the weight of the standard Maxle. Totem’s prowess is enhanced by a redesigned Solo Air spring and the re-introduction of 2-Step travel adjust system.

The RockShox engineers gained a fair amount of insight during the development of this fork. The Power Bulge, which trickled throughout the RockShox line, was first developed for the Totem. The freerider’s need for a higher level of stiffness and durability in a single crown fork leads to improvements for all riders.

The Totem platform became the creative outlet for the highly technical side of RockShox suspension  design, while also being the most artistic fork in the line. Totem’s artsy side shines through its graphics and yearly released sticker packs. The original Totem artwork and sticker packs were created by DH Pendalton and sticker pack updates have been created by Peter Fowler and Michael Salter. For 2010 Cody Hudson of Struggle Inc, got the nod to redesign the Totem graphic and sticker pack (V4.0). His unique outlook on this project resulted in a strong and customizable artistic statement.

Totem carries the hard-hitting 180mm of travel you need to take chances and deal with tyre buzzing steeps. If that is the type of riding you do, there is a Totem that fits your needs. With multiple Mission Control dampers, three spring systems (2-Step Air, Solo Air, Coil) and three different steerers (1 1/8”, 1.5”, tapered), the choice is yours!

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