A while back Mark Dickson from KRD visited with a bunch of new stuff from all his brands; we did a post about it here. In the original post, if you were quick enough, you would have seen a bunch of products from Lezyne that were in fact slated to be unveiled at Eurobike (which is happening right now). So without further ado, (again) here are Spoke‘s highlights from the 2012 Lezyne lineup.

There’s a whole tonne of new stuff from Lezyne, for starters these new 3-Way tools with a serviceable body. The 3-Way is a unique new Lezyne feature that extends the life of commonly used Y-wrench shop tools. The new 3-Way Y-wrench tools feature a CNC-machined stainless steel two piece body that can be opened allowing users to replace worn tool bits as needed. Typically Lezyne, super simple but super awesome times ten.

Right across the new Lezyne range there is a new feature called ABS. No, it’s not about braking, what it is about is dumping the air from in the hose ie. the Air Bleed System. The Air Bleed System (ABS) is an in-line air pressure release valve built into Lezyne Flip-Thread Chucks and Flex Hoses. When using an ABS equipped Lezyne floor pump to inflate a Presta valve tube, pressing the ABS button releases the air back pressure. Releasing this back pressure allows for the easy removal of the Flip-Thread Chuck without the risk of unscrewing removable Presta valve cores. When inflating Schrader valve tubes, pressing the ABS button releases air from the tube to adjust tyre pressure. ABS is patent pending worldwide. It’s available on shock pumps, floor pumps and hand pumps and is super easy to use.

The new floor drive not only features an ABS Slip-Fit System valve head but also Lezyne’s new Composite Matrix base. The Composite Matrix base is featured on the new Tech Floor Drive and Sport Floor Drive. Using high strength, fibre reinforced Composite Matrix material ensures durability in daily use from stresses seen in floor pumps. The result is a composite floor pump base with the same performance and durability as the original aluminum base, at a better value. The Slip-Fit System is the combination of the ABS Flip-Thread Chuck and the Speed Chuck adapter designed for fast valve engagement. The Speed Chuck is a Presta-only press-on pump head adapter with a 90-degree bend design, compatible with disc wheels. When used with the ABS Flip-Thread Chuck, the Speed Chuck allows all ABS features to remain functional, allowing the release of air back pressure and the easy removal of the Speed Chuck. The Slip-Fit System is available on all ABS Flip-Thread Chuck equipped pumps.

Lezyne is also getting into the shop tool market. Their new shop tools are made of durable materials and designed for heavy-duty use. Tool heads are made of stamped, CNC-machined, heat treated plate steel. High-strength steel fastening hardware mates heads to 100% CNC-machined aluminum handles or old school wood, making these extremely rigid and durable shop-quality tools.

Then there is this bad boy, the Shop Shock Drive, a heavy-duty shock pump for daily shop use. All parts are custom CNC-machined aluminum. The oversized oil-filled gauge is durable, accurate and easy to read. The high-pressure steel braided hose threads onto shock valves for a secure connection during inflation. The hose detaches from pump for easy storage. An ergonomically shaped handle is designed to be easy to grip while inflating at high pressures. Equipped with a bleeder valve to easily adjust shock pressure.


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