After riding one of these beauties a few weeks back in Downieville, California, I just had to get one… and it’s finally here. The mighty Santa Cruz Bronson2. I’m building it up as quick as I can with a Flite carbon wheelset (Hope hubs and Derby rims), RockShox Boost Pikes, and due to the fact that I have to buy all my own stuff and am just a lowly journo, I’m transferring my Sram XO1 groupset, KS Lev Integra dropper, Haven stem, Santa Cruz carbon bars and Sram Guide brakes over from my old bike. I just have to polish them up first. 

Everything is new for this frame, including the switch to a Fox air can. I ran it with an unheard of 40% sag in Downieville as the trails were so harsh, and it just lapped it all up. This bike is now longer, lower, lazier and has a much crisper ride.

Full wrap rubber chainstay pads mean no ugly homemade jobs. There’s one on the seatstay too which most bike companies fail to address.

Yes, it’s obvious huh? It has a Boost rear end, 148mm instead of that old fashioned 142. Why? Like Steve Austin (you need to be at least 40 to remember him) it’s stronger, faster, stiffer, and wider… for tyres, that is.

The new forged lower link that now tucks in behind the bottom bracket. Very tidy and less prone to rock strikes.

Yes, it’s still a VPP system, but it seems to work a whole heap better than the older one. The CC designation means I got the lighter version of the frame. The two lower-specced bike builds come with a C frame. Same strength and ride, just a few less $$$ and a little more weight.

I love the clean lines and no fuss graphics. If you want fuss then get the Kalimotxo colourway (that’s the pink and yellow one).

A threaded BB is a most welcome feature, reliable and creak-free, just how I like it.

We will keep you guys informed as I go. Expect a first impressions type review as soon as I can get some miles on this beast of a trail bike.

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