Yesterday afternoon Stuff reported that Council plans to develop the lower network of Karori Park have coincided with reports of logs and other debris being placed on the exit of blind corners of mountain bike tracks in the park. Curtis Johnstone (pictured above) said that logs and sticks had been discovered by himself and two mates on the downhill track in the park in recent weeks. Opposition to the park upgrade is understood to come from groups worried about being pushed out of the park as more and more tracks are developed, and put forward that school children where to blame for the hazards. The council is aware of the growing concern around the matter and confident they could work with the opposing sides to resolve any conflict.

In the upcoming issue of Spoke we will be covering this issue as it pertains to other well-known riding areas in Wellington. Look out for Issue 65 on shelves early Feb, and in the meantime watch the video and have your say on your own experiences of conflict down below in the comments.





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