Yesterday saw the start of Andes Pacifico 2016. This year it will be 5 days of pure mountain biking from the Andes Mountain to the Pacific Ocean in Chile. More than 10000 meters drop in the 21 special stages will be what the riders will have to make to complete this adventure.

Tracy Moseley. Photo: Claudio Olguin

La Parva Ski Resort, received a total of 64 riders from around the world to compete in the 3rd version of Santa Cruz 2016 Pacific Andes by Montenbaik.

Anka Martin. Photo: Gary Perkin

The Special Stage Valle Amarillo that started at 3500 meters was the initial test of the “Dakar” of mountain bikes  after this and 4 other stages, the Chilean pilot from team Extreme Zone, Nicolas Prudencio stands as leader with a total time of 41 : 26.5, followed by the scottish Mark Scott with a solid stride.

Nico Prudencio. Photo: Gary Perkin

Very close in third position is the Frenchman Francois Bailly – Maitre with 41.33.4, that is also fighting for a place on the podium. In fourth is the Chilean Milciades Jaque from Curico, after cutting his chain in the fifth special Lomas del Viento, despite this mishap is less than 1 minute from Prudencio.

Jerome Clementz. Photo: Claudio Olguin

Meanwhile in the ladies category 3 times world champion Tracy Moseley of Britain achieves the first day lead, followed by the Frenchwoman Pauline Dieffenthaler with a time of 51.22.2.

Mark Scott. Photo: Gary Perkin

With a total of almost 4000 meters of descent and 5 Special ends on the first day of competition in the Andes. For the second day waiting another 5 special on a rocky and dissolved squeezing the skills of each rider.

Tracy Moseley. Photo: Sven Martin

Full results here…

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