Again the Andes Mountains provided the perfect playground for mountain bike specialists from all over the world, who had to deal with loose terrain, steep descents and and strong sun just too make it down.

Fernando Riquelme. Photo: Claudio Olguin

Mark Scott won the second day of Andes Pacifico 2016 with a time of 32:05,2 added after 4 special stages that challenged the riders.

Tracy Moseley. Photo: Gary Perkin

Tracy Moseley. Photo: Gary Perkin

The Frenchman, Francois Bailly-Maitre took second place in the open category with a time of 32:10,7. Chilean, Nico Prudencio arrived with a time of 32:29,9 to take third. In fourth place was the winner of the first edition of Andes Pacificio 2014, Jerome Clementz with a time of 32:55,4, after battling to keep air in the tires during one of the stages. In fifth place came this years surprises, Milciades Jaque who has been looking strong throughout the two days.

Antonio Ovalle. Photo: Gary Perkin

In the Masters category the battle between the two chileans, Felipe Vasquez and Claus Plaut is heating up. However it would be Vasquez who would eventually take the win over Plaut by one and a half minutes too make it 2:0. In third place is the US master champ Michael West who is consistently looking to get one up on the two locals.

Tracy Moseley. Photo: Claudio Olguin

In the womens category Tracy Moseley remains in the lead, followed by the Chilean National Champ Florencia Espiñeira in second, and Pauline Dieffenthaler and Claire Bennett in third and fourth respectively.

Results form day two can be found here, along with the updated overall results from both days here.

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