A cold morning in Santa Cruz, welcomed all 65 riders from Andes Pacifico. The special stages in between vineyards made for cool scenery. 

The Colchagua Valley, well know for the wineries, saw a hard race between the French. Jerome Clementz won the stage followed by Mark Scott. Francois Bally-Maitre from France and the Spanish Iago Garay completed the first riders from the elite class.

The surprise of the day was the female rider Florencia Espiñeira who took the first place. In second place arrive Tracy Mosley followed by Pauline Dieffenthaler and Antonia Wurth.

On the Masters Class no big surprises. Michael West continues on the lead followed by the Chilean National Champ Claus Plaut. On third place is Rene Damseaux who is almost completing his third participation in Andes Pacifico.

The overall ranking is lead by Francois Bally–Maitre , second is the Scottish Mark Scott, 3rd is Jerome Clementz  from France, fourth is the Spaniard from Santa Cruz bicycles, Iago Garay and Nicolás Prudencio from Transition Bikes Chile.

On the women class the positions stay the same with Tracy Moseley from Trek Bicycles in the top position, followed by Dieffenthaler in second, the Chilean Florencia Espiñeira is making sure that she gets a place in the podium but she still have chances to get in second. In fourth place is Antonia Wurth followed by Josefina Gardulski.

To end up the day in a different way, riders had the chance to visit some Montes and L’Apostolle Winery and taste some great wines from Chile.

Day 4 Results here

Overall Standings here

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