The third generation Mojo is here. The first generation launched in the early 90’s, an elegant steel hardtail, highly respected to this day. Gen 2 was the Mojo Carbon launched in 2005, a groundbreaking long-travel all-carbon trail bike, built before anyone knew what a trail bike was. 

The gorgeous lines of the Mojo were created by Roxy Lo, and her signature industrial design graces every Ibis. Her latest and many think greatest work is the Mojo 3.

It is an approachable bike with plenty of attitude if you need it. The 2.8 Plus tires coupled to our 741 rims give unheard of traction, aided by 130mm of the latest dw-link travel, further enhancing control. The chainstays are short (425mm) and stiff thanks to Boost, which also allows us to run the fantastic new Plus tires. The geometry is long, low and slack, and the Boost Pike fork gives the Mojo 3 a 66.8º head angle. 

With one wheelset, you can run 2.3″, 2.5″ or 2.8″ tires with no change in bottom bracket height. This gives the bike multiple personalities, depending on how light or aggressive you want to go.

The Mojo 3 is in stock and shipping now, and in fact can be seen at many Ibis dealers on the day of the launch.  

Here are some of the bullet points about the bike:

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