The final video in the WCC series on the Capital’s trails and other attractions has just dropped, and it’s another beauty, this time with the legendary Makara Peak MTB Park, still the most popular place to ride in the windy city.

Rosara Joseph, Kieran Bennett and Craig Pattle get a taste of Makara Peak’s bounty – these renowned kiwi riders pounded up the hill many times and ripped down some of the more challenging tracks to create this visual spectacle. But don’t be scared! There is a large network of trails which have been hand-crafted by the local community. The trails cater for a wide range of abilities and there is plenty of honest hill and beautiful flowing downhills to satisfy everyone.

Credits: Chief Director/Producer: Caleb Smith (, Videographer/Editor/Drone Wrangler: Ross Mackay (
Fine Print: These videos were shot under controlled conditions – be aware that most trails in Wellington are dual use so please show respect for all other users when riding – follow the Mountain Bike NZ Code of Conduct. Drone footage was shot with all necessary permits. 

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