Fox suspension have just released all the info on their newest creation the 32 Step-Cast. This 100mm travel XC-centric beauty is their lightest fork to date at just 1355g. The top models feature the 4th generation Fox Fit 4 cartridge, with the 3-position on the fly adjustment. The spoke test team are eagerly awaiting their test pair to turn up so we can put them through their paces….Watch this space.


Starting at 2.98 pounds, the 32 Step-Cast (SC) fork is our lightest cross-country fork ever. Optimized for 100 mm of travel, the Step-Cast lower leg design and narrow crown spacing save weight while the 32 mm upper tubes maintain FOX ride quality.

The distinct shape of the lower leg design isn’t just for looks. The 32 Step-Cast (SC) chassis uses a narrow stance to save weight and the step design makes room for the spokes and brake rotor. The 32 SC features 32 mm upper tubes and ample bushing overlap for a quality ride and the hollowed out lower legs provide even more weight savings.

Production fork weights

Fox Team rider Emily Batty putting the 32SC to the test

Fox Team rider Emily Batty putting the 32SC to the test

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