The Export 33 NZ Single Speed Champs took place on Saturday down in Queenstown. Riders came from all over the country with their 1 geared wonders, set for a day of mud, sweat and beers.

The Queenstown MTB club, headed by Carey Vivian, did a stellar job of putting the event together but unfortunately had no control of the weather. Friday night the rain started and kept up through the night and into Saturday, race morning. Fortunately just after race briefing the rain died almost entirely and by the end of the racing patches of dust were even appearing!

The 7 Mile venue was perfectly suited for SS racing with lots of small ‘pinch’ style climbs and sweet long down hills where good descenders could make up some decent time. Only a couple of longer climbs really burned out the legs. With the trail winding its way around close to and through the Export 33 beer tent a few times a good crowd gathered to watch the action, blag a beer and cheer on the competitors.

One thing which really stood out to me over the day was the enthusiasm of the marshalls. They all got in behind the racing and cheered every competitor on, forming a strange kind of bond between marshall and rider as they passed each lap.

I’d confidently say that the event exceeded everyone’s expectations and the QMTBC can be proud of both the event itself and the after function dinner/prizegiving which went off!


Open Men’s – Garth Weinberg (somewhere other than the south island) – 2 hrs 18 min
Open Womens – Anja McDonald (Christchurch) – 2 hrs 49 mins
Old Bugger Mens – Tony Moore (Queenstown) – 2 hrs 51 mins
Old Bugger Womens – Denise Thorne (Alexandra) – 3 hrs 36 minsRetro – Stu Greig (Queenstown) – 3 hrs 30 mins

Check out the Queenstown MTB Club website for more from the event.

Photos: all riding shots thanks to
all other photos – Lester Perry

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