Caleb’s tripping around the North of the North at the moment (well, Auckland) and this morning he popped by to see the folks at Avanti and ABD. The first news of interest is that SPOKE‘s good buddy Paul Langlands is teaming up with ABD to release what we’re pretty sure is a New Zealand first (tell us if we’re wrong?): a ‘Pro Model’ piece of kit, in this case the ‘Langlands Grip’. Everything from the pattern to the rubber durometer is made to Paul’s requirements and tastes. What you can’t see from this pic though is the end cap which is emblazoned with the Langlands name. These should be dropping in a range of colours in July! RAD.
The other news I can’t tell you because I’m not even allowed to know! Caleb has the scoop and signed the non-disclosure! I can however tell you that there were a couple of prototype bikes floating around which were sparking Caleb’s interest big time. Sounds like things are pushing forward for Avanti after the success of the Torrent and Vapour trail bikes. For now only time will reveal what the new bikes are!

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