All this talk of Underground Super Ds has prompted the Wellington Mountain Bike Club, in association with Port Nicholson Poneke Cycling Club, to start organising a massive Super D event on Wellington’s infamous central city trails at Mt Victoria. The Mt Vic Super D promises to be an event of biblical proportions that will be held on Sunday 3rd April 2011. There’s a Facebook page thingy here.So what is Super D?

A Super D race is best described as a Downhill Cross-Country race. It lacks the technical danger-packed elements of downhill and has some significant pedalling to even the field.

This is a great event a lot of people can enjoy. There isn’t a whole lot of climbing so you don’t have to be in great shape—although it doesn’t hurt to be—and you don’t need an expensive downhill bike to make it down.

Any bike will do for a Super D race, but this category of racing is where the all-mountain/trail bikes with 4 to 6 inches of travel can really excel.

Full details are to be released in the New Year, but for now keep Sunday 3rd April 2011 free for a visit to Wellington.

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