Last week, much like most weeks, I was moonlighting for another media outlet during the Interbike wildness. After a week of chocolate teapots, perfect circles and not-so-new-releases, the one thing that stood out was helping the good Canucks at put this little video together. It’s not exactly bike related but it is still fun and sums up Interbike in many ways. Perhaps someone will get peaved at me cross checking websites but when content is this good. Everyone needs a pew at the trough. Thanks to If you are still wondering what on earth Interbike actually is then click HERE.

NB: So I know a few people believe I might be the chap behind the ghostly figure of Extreme Dave, but sorry to disappoint you but it isn’t true and it can’t be true. Although I was at Interbike, I never made it to Eurobike so I couldn’t be Extreme Dave. Keep guessing who it might be.

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