The Turbo Levo FSR wasn’t “just another bike” for us. It was the culmination of years of innovation and pushing boundaries—mounds of ingenuity and a massive amount of tenacity. Specialized’s goal was to shake the tree, not to just take parts and simply bolt them on whatever frame we had lying around. They needed to make an e-mountain bike that an experienced rider could throw a leg over and appreciate—something that looked and rode like a real mountain bike. And though it has all the industry-leading tech and performance you could want, the Levo FSR Carbon is bigger than that—it’s an e-mountain bike built for riders, by riders. It’s a send-it-ready, carbon trail slayer, just with a little extra oomph.

New Motor Hardware and Software

An upgrade to the motor and software leave the Levo FSR Carbon with a 15% increase in power, as well as superior heat management and motor efficiency. The Turbo 1 .3 motor increases power by 15%, is incredibly silent, has smooth power delivery, andismoreefficient thatits predecessor.

Increased Range

Not only are the fully integrated motor and battery incredibly efficient, but the smart Mission Control App gives you complete control over energy output and range with the new Infinite Tune feature. The App’s connectivity reduces range anxiety and finely tunes  theoutput ofyourmotorandbattery—never leaving you stranded.

Full Carbon Frame

So what does a carbon frame do for the Levo? It takes 650 grams out of the frame and increases overall stiffness by 20%. In other words, it’s more shredable than ever.

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