Seb Kemp has been penning a fortnightly travel/word guff piece on the web’s most original mountain bike site NSMB. This literary blister is called World Affairs and recently they have been focusing solely on New Zealand riding and life. The second of New Zealand-related ones went up the other day (HERE) and check out the previous ones HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE. I was speaking to him the other day and he said he would really like Kiwis to read it and give some feedback.

He also wants to show Kiwis that they truly have world class trails and riding life here, more so than many locals actually believe. He wants them to see that in the big wide world they are not just a good contender, but a heavyweight champion of a riding destination. Be proud and don’t stand in the shadow of giant, put that legendary Kiwi ingenuity to use and continue to forge new and fantastic ways of doing things that are distinctly New Zealand and utterly without reference or imitation to existing places or ways.

Over the last month or so, mountain biking’s version of the littlest hobo, Seb Kemp, has been trying to see and ride as much of the South Island, and the nation’s capital, as time, schedules and his funds allow. One thing that he said has become quite obvious is that every town and riding locale is fiercely proud of the riding it possesses, sometimes leading to people to proclaim that their town is home to the best riding in the whole of New Zealand. Seb said that it’s a healthy sign if people are proud enough to argue over where really is the best place to ride in New Zealand, but instead he thinks New Zealanders should realise that New Zealand is the capital of New Zealand singletrack riding.

The next few World Affairs will be focusing on the riding and adventures in New Zealand, in the hopes that even more of the world becomes jealous of what you lucky sods have here already.

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  1. When you see the word “Possesses” written down, you realise that it is farking weird!!
    Anyways, it’s obvious that Wgtn is the capital of all things in NZ, including MTB.

  2. Mountain bikes as the name implies require mountains to ride on – you’ve only got hills in Wellington – come to the South Island for the real mountain biking.

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