I’ve been incredibly impressed with the Atherton Project this series. It seems to have really stepped up and stopped just being a half arse attempt at a TV show. Now it is actually getting quite entertaining. I think this is largely attributable to Richard Cunynghame being hired as the director/producer to actually try and “script” some story and narrative into the episodes and Red Bull coming on board more actively. Either way, it’s now really rather good in my opinion. Saying that this episode is a little flat…pun intended.

If you aren’t laughing at that pun then watch the episode and see what I mean.

If you still aren’t laughing then good on you.

Anyway, this is the blurb…

Episode 6 of the Atherton Project kicks off at Mont St. Anne in Canada — one of the hardest, longest and oldest tracks on the circuit, and the team could us the good points to help with the title chase.

Then it’s on to Windham in New York for the 4th July and the next round of the World Cup — not before taking part in some watersports and yet more fireworks…

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