First we teased you with a spy pic, then we gave you the full rundown on what the production model would look like and now (well, when we build it up) we’ll have one to ride. The production models don’t arrive till the end of December so what Avanti have sent us is a large frame with the correct Fox 34s (set to 120 mm), the correct Fox rear shock and the same wheels that are spec’d on the final bike. We’ll be filling in the remainder of the build with parts we have lying around (see, we’ve already started) and a few more from Avanti. The whole thing should be up and running by the end of the week. It’s gonna give us a pretty spot on idea of what the final version will ride like. Saying we’re excited about riding this thing is an understatement…

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        1. That depends on where he happens to find himself at any given time….In some places that would be very appropriate (though I’m not sure if Caleb would visit those. Or in fact what the hell I’m talking about….sleep deprivation due to a new baby in the house does strange things to a mans grey matter)

      1. All good points. Doesn’t however change the fact that this is the mountainbiking equivalent of the Toyota Prius . And every time I see a Prius I think what a ….…… well the word starts with w and rhymes with tanker.

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