Hope Pro 4: Behind the Hubs from hopetech on Vimeo.

Hope hubs are legendary for their reliability, performance and cool sound. The Pro 2s’s have been a staple for most of us here for years, and with a few sets of wheels to be built I reckon there’ll be a few orders for the new Pro 4’s going in pretty soon. 

Check out the story of the new hubs in this informatively comprehensive video…

“From our very first Ti-glide hubs launched back in 1993 we’ve have had a reputation for producing some of the most durable and high quality hubs on the market. This attention to detail has been carried into the new Pro 4 hub range as they are a direct development of the successful Pro 2 EVO.

Meet the people behind the Hope hubs in this edit – and see the extent of designing, testing and manufacturing which goes into each hub we sell.”

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