We were lucky enough to be invited to an open day at the 440 MTB Park last weekend to get a preview of what’s to come once the park is open to the public.
The brainchild of two dudes, Byron (yes, that Byron) and Aaron, the park boasts one of the largest hills in the Auckland area, with a 440 meter drop (hence the name).

Crews have been working tirelessly over the last few months digging trail in preparation for opening this summer. Trails are a mix of digger built and hand formed, keeping things varied and interesting.

Check out most of a run down Pink Stoat and into High Viz:

Byron & Aaron are just as stoked on the park as everyone else is!

A solid crew of riders from around the upper north island rolled into 440 and after a short briefing and a few words from Byron, we headed up to check out the trails. Needless to say they didn’t disappoint! There are not many places in the North Island where you can do runs the length of those on offer here, let alone with trail the quality of this. Our average runs were around 6-8 minutes, this was running form around 100m vertical below the top of the property, where construction has started on a full top to bottom run, even without this open yet there’s no shortage of trail to be ridden!

Although FourFourty is a ‘Bike Park’ the trails aren’t strictly classic groomed bike park style, although it has some of this too, with some trail hand built you get an actual ‘real-world’ mtb experience, nothing to technical at a cruising pace, but add some speed and things take a turn towards the more exciting!

Load Up! Eventually the bus will tow the bike trailer, the boys were just waiting on a tow bar to be fitted.

If you’re looking for something nice, flowy, and easier to ride, the Pink Stoat (see video) offers a good way to get your fix. The digger built track with good width, sweet berms, and perfectly formed jumps will have you grinning from ear to ear whether you’re a beginner or a pro. All the jumps are conservative in size and if you don’t want to get any sky between your tyres and the dirt they’re easily rollable. If you’re working your way up, still figuring out the whole jumping thing then you’ll be safe on Pink Stoat with the jumps being built so if you do come up short you shouldn’t have a worry.

440 have signed a deal with Giant to supply bikes to the park, eventually a rental and demo fleet will be on site.

While there’s not a firm opening date out yet, all going to plan the park we be ready to shred in February!

Thanks to Byron and Aaron for having us along for the ride, we can’t wait to come back for more.

Check FourFourty out on Facebook or their website to keep up to date with the latest news.

Loaded and ready for action!

440 is nestled in the hills east of Auckland and just a stones throw from the ocean.

The base area is equipped with a big covered deck area, this became the central hub for the day, whether chilling between runs or at the end of the day having a cold one, the deck was the spot to be!


Things to come....

Safety first. Budgie Woods has audited the safety procedures of the park, gave it the big tick and came up to 440 from Rotorua to get some riding in. Hows his throw-back teeshirt!

Many hands make light work. Byron (left) has pulled in the who's who of trail making from around the North Island, including the Empire of Dirt crew (Adam & Chris pictured), and even World Cup downhiller Wyn Masters has built a large section of trail, not to mention countless locals who've given up weekends to help out.


A sign of things to come (see what we did there!)

The view over to the coast.

A look up from 'mid-way' where we were riding from, up to the summit.

We didn't manage to get a shot of this feature so fleeced this from Byrons instagram. This is the 'satellite' berm, a super fun feature!



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