Don’t you just love Eurobike? Okay so everyone knows now that I have a penchant for things with 29″ wheels but please don’t think I’m bombarding you with this stuff. It’s just that all these companies are only just figuring it out now, so 2012 will be forever known as the year of the real 29er, not the lame-XC-not-much-travel-29er but the 29er-that-is-actually-good-for-mountain-biking 29er… and one of the most memorable will be the Ibis DW Link 2XC 29 machine. Rumours of it have been floating round for a while, but no one really thought it would feature a new version of Dave Weagle’s DW Link. The new iteration is called 2XC, in reference to its two eccentric pivots. The Ibis has been in prototype stage for four years!

Features of the Ripley 29:

  • 29″ wheels
  • 120 mm rear wheel DW Link travel
  • Twin angular contact composite bearing eccentric linkages
  • Full carbon fibre monocoque with sacrifical core molding
  • Tapered head tube (Cane Creek AngleSet & Chris King InSet compatible)
  • Kashima coated Fox Float RP23 with Adaptive Logic Boost Valve technology
  • Clean cable routing with molded carbon cable stops and provisions for cable-actuated adjustable seat posts
  • BB92/Press GXP style integrated BB is lighter and stiffer and better for molding
  • 142 mm Maxle rear axle provides high axle stiffness with QR ease of wheel removal and installation
  • 160 mm carbon fibre post mount rear brake mounts
  • High direct front derailleur, mounted to swingarm
  • Geometry designed to work with 120-140 mm forks
  • 34 mm fork stanchion approved
  • 4 Sizes (S, M, L, XL)
  • Weight TBD
  • Price TBD but in line with our other frames
  • Delivery TBD, but not in 2011

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  1. I’ve ridden a ‘proper’ 29er, the Intense Tracer 29, and it ruled. Traction was amazing and it just felt super plush and stable downhill. I couldn’t tell about the uphills really — too unfit and riding at modest altitude, but felt ok.
    This should be a ripper too but i bet it costs a small fortune… I reckon the bigger players will follow suit and more affordable frames will be around the corner.

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