There is SOOOO much worlds coverage going down right now its absolutely ridiculous. Here’s a little guide on where you should be heading to find out whats up… and are definitely fighting it out for the most and best coverage and to be honest the audio richness of the VItalMTB photo gallery’s is a winning touch. Hearing Gee talk about the lockout on his rear shock or Fabien talk about how his Fox 36 Float R’s are coping with the course is gold, but Dirt’s coverage is definitely a close second. For an all encompassing veiw Gary Perkin and Sven Martin are also providing with updates to. On the local front Rita Langley has been blogging up a storm for the girls over at and Jeff Carter has be equally busy on the MTBNZ blog site (he’s president now!!!) giving an all encompassing view of how the kiwis are doing and for real up the minute posts you really need to start following Twitter, Peaty, Lopes, Minaar, the Athertons and a bunch of photographers are updating regularly.

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