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Pedal. Run. Push. Stumble. Fall. Get up. Do it again. And do it again, and again on the new limited edition BSB, Niner’s highly regarded cross-centric race day weapon. Shoulder it. Whip it through the turns. Sprint through the straightaways. You’ll give blood. you’ll sweat. and you’ll earn your beer. No compromises, cross-specific build kit featuring sram rival.

Meet the new Niner BSB

Cross is the boss and the new Niner BSB (Blood, Sweat, Beer) picks up where it left off with a few minor tweaks that make an already fast, cross-specific race day weapon even better.

·         Flat mount brakes mean easier installation and adjustment.

·         No compromise, cross-specific SRAM Rival build.

·         Available in Loud and Proud Green/Blue and Yin and Yang Black/White

Due to the seasonality of cyclocross racing, the new BSB is available in limited quantities.

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