Bosch eBike Systems has announced a new service partnership in New Zealand with

Marleen Wholesalers Ltd. as the company steps up its local eBike offering. The partnership will

commence in the latter half of 2019, marking the first time Bosch has engaged with a dedicated

local service partner in New Zealand.

Bosch has chosen to partner with Marleen due to their experience and deep level of understanding

of the New Zealand market, and the company’s proven record in providing timely and professional

support for local dealers.

Marleen will support Bosch eBike Systems through spare parts delivery, warranty handling and a

support hotline. Local eBike retailers can expect a more efficient servicing experience from the

supply of spare parts, to on-the-spot technical support to ensure end-consumers are never without

their bike for too long.

To further demonstrate their commitment to the New Zealand market, Bosch will also look to

engage local technical representative later this year who will work collaboratively with dealers and

Marleen Wholesalers to provide technical support and arm dealers with the knowledge required to

fully service and sell Bosch powered eBikes.

“Bosch is committed to delivering the highest quality after-market service in the eBike industry,”

said Mr. David Howard, General Manager of Bosch eBike Systems Asia Pacific.

“We knew Marleen Wholesalers would be a great partner due to their strong reputation in the local

market and proven commitment to excellence in after-market support.”

Commenting on the partnership announcement, Graham Early, Managing Director of Marleen

Wholesalers Ltd said, “we are very excited to be the exclusive service partner of Bosch eBike

Systems in New Zealand.”

“Bosch has been integral to the growth and development of the local eBike market as a provider of

premium and innovative eBike technologies. We will support Bosch in New Zealand so that riders

love their experience, and those that choose to use Bosch from rider to service support have

ultimate confidence in the product in this market,” said by Graham Early.

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