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The new performance line motor

The new performance line motor

Performance Line CX: Tailor-made for eMTB

In the last few years, eMountain biking has been established as an independent
eBike discipline and has expanded mountain biking. ‘Bosch is one of the key drivers in the eMTB industry and has made a significant contribution to this development with its products. Now it’s time for the next stage of evolution. With our new Performance Line CX we provide the ultimate Uphill Flow feeling. The CX will continue to be the first choice for eMountain bikers,’ said Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems. Thanks to the magnesium housing and a size reduced by almost 50 percent, at 2.9 kg it weighs around 25 percent less than its predecessor. ‘The compact size of the Drive Unit allows bicycle manufacturers to better integrate the drive system and build frames with shorter chainstays. The weight of the eMTBs is also reduced. As a result, the bikes are just as manoeuvrable and agile as mountain bikes without an electric drive and also offer a clear advantage in riding enjoyment,’ says Fleischer.

Perfect riding sensation on the trail

The drive provides a natural riding sensation when riding more than 32 km/h or in off mode. A freewheel completely decouples the motor and transmission, so that the eBiker pedals efficiently, even if the system does not provide support at that moment. Only very robust and lightweight materials are used in the high-quality transmission – this enables low-noise riding with high engine power at all cadence frequencies. The motor and gear- box work with optimum efficiency and also use the energy from the battery very efficiently, so that long, steep climbs can be mastered and many metres of altitude can be covered. The completely newly developed motor control of the Performance Line CX contributes to the sporty riding enjoyment. The multi-sensor concept enables dynamic and sensitive response of the Drive Unit, which supports up to a maximum of 340 per- cent. ‘eMountain bikers can achieve significant acceleration wherever it’s needed – for example on technical uphill sections or out of tight bends,’ Fleischer explains. ‘The drive delivers constant power output over a very wide cadence range. Fast intermediate sprints and crisp changes of tempo are easy to achieve. Also riding standing up feels natural.’ To control the bike even on difficult sections, the optimised ‘eMTB Mode’ supports eBikers with maximum sensitivity and at the same time progressive power delivery: Depending on the pedal pressure, the motor dynamically increases the rider’s own power, so eBikers don’t have to change the riding modes manually.

Fine-tuning down to the last detail

The new flagship among Bosch eBike drive systems has been thought through down to the very last detail. An additional 12-volt connection allows third-party suppliers to sup- ply their components with power from the eBike battery. The Drive Unit allows chain- rings to be mounted using “Direct Mount” or with 104 millimetre standard mounting. The Q-factor of 175 mm helps eMountain bikers to achieve an efficient, ergonomically favourable position on the bike and a natural pedalling feeling. So that eMTBs with short cranks can also transmit the force optimally, there is a special setting that the specialist dealer can make using the diagnostic software. In addition, the Performance Line CX has a powerful walk assistance that makes even steep climbs easier to master. ‘The many useful details also show how meticulously we have worked on setting new standards in eMountain biking. Anyone riding the new CX will feel it right away. It stands for pure riding enjoyment and from our point of view is once again the benchmark in the eMTB sector,’ adds Fleischer.

Powertube 625 battery

Powertube 625 battery

Combines highest demands on performance and aesthetics

“Any brand that offers eBikers new functions and features and provides more performance, as we do with our new Performance Line CX, must also offer more range. That’s what we are doing with the new PowerTube 625,” explains Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems. “With the PowerTube 500, which was introduced two years ago, we have already set new standards for integrated batteries. Today it is used by numerous manufacturers. Now we’re adding more with the PowerTube 625. With the two new models, we now offer the right battery solution for every wheel type and every requirement,” says Fleischer.

In addition to the aesthetic advantage, the PowerTubes from Bosch score above all with their high mileage and long service life. The lithium-ion batteries are particularly easy to handle and ensure untroubled riding enjoyment. A neat function allows the PowerTube to release about two centimetres out of the frame when opening, so it is easier to handle. A safety catch prevents the battery from falling out. The battery is additionally protected by the frame. There are two options for installing the PowerTube: horizontally or vertically.

PowerTube 625: Efficient power for demanding rides

The new PowerTube 625 has an energy content of approx. 625 watt hours and thus ensures long-lasting riding enjoyment even on mountainous terrain. Its compact size (416mm x 84mm x 65mm) and the weight of approx. 3.5 kilograms enables optimum integration into the downtube. The eBike thus achieves a slim and clean look. A completely emptied PowerTube 625 can be charged to 50% in less than 1.5 hours with the 6 A Fast Charger and to 100% in about 3.7 hours. The PowerTube 625 is also available in combination with DualBattery: The coupling of two batteries delivers up to 1,250 watt hours of energy to the pedelec.

Kiox – connectivity for the next model year

Kiox, the compact colour display for sporty riders, uses the eBike Connect smartphone app to connect eBikers with the digital world. As a result, riding and fitness data recorded by Kiox can be transferred to the eBike Connect online portal via the app. After the ride, activities can be conveniently evaluated using the smartphone or computer. The data is automatically synchronised between Kiox and the app via Bluetooth, and software up- dates can be downloaded to the on-board computer wirelessly.

eSuspension – fully integrated electronic suspension

eSuspension for the Performance Line CX is the first time Bosch eBike Systems has teamed up with FOX to offer eMountain bikers an electronically controllable suspension designed for maximum performance on the trail. FOX E-Live Valve can be easily controlled via the Kiox on-board computer. There are five manually adjustable modes for different riding situations. Using a sophisticated system of sensors, the E-Live Valve determines the conditions of the terrain 1,000 times per second and adjusts the fork and rear shock accordingly within fractions of a second. This means that the eMountain biker can always be sure of the ideal suspension setting and can concentrate fully on the trail. Power is supplied to the eSuspension by the Bosch eBike battery.

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