Edge Composites seem to blowing up at the moment, first adding the Syndicate and now four time World Champion Brian Lopes to their roster. Full press release below
OGDEN, UTAH, USA – Holder of no less than nineteen world and national titles and a member of both BMX and Mountain Bike Halls of Fame, Brian Lopes remains one of the most recognizable names in the sport and still holds the enviable record of the biggest number of wins for any male on the UCI circuit. Edge Composites is delighted to announce the addition of this mountain biking legend to round out an already stunning line-up of riders for 2010.

Asked about his move to the Ogden, Utah brand, Lopes said “I’m stoked to be working alongside and running Edge Composites products. I’m blown away on how good their products are and couldn’t be happier to join forces with Edge Composites as a rider and a product development partner. I’m always looking to better myself and my rides, and Edge has definitely raised the bar with their wheels, bars, stems, and seat posts. My bikes were already amazing but have just gotten that much lighter, stiffer, and more responsive – all categories that can only make my job of going fast that much easier.”

Lopes is renowned not only for his resolve and longevity in the sport; but also for the fact that he is never satisfied to simply rest on his laurels. Ever the competitor, he is always looking for ways to go faster, higher, and with more control be that on the bike, on his motorcycle or, as Edge employees recently discovered, in a go kart at the local track, Speed Street in Layton, Utah. Also lapped (but only twice) was Edge VP Global Sales and Marketing, Beverly Lucas, who agreed “I’ve known Lopes for years and always said that if I ever I had an opportunity to forge an alliance with one of the most professional, competitive and technically minded guys in the sport, I would call him in a heartbeat. Brian is an elite level every-guy style of rider – some one who every rider can relate to, whether they’re a racer or a weekend warrior. When we asked him to ride our wheels, I don’t even think the sentence was finished before he said “yes”, so it was great to have that sentiment reciprocated.”

Brian will equip all of his Ibis bikes with a range of Edge products including the Edge AM wheelset on Chris King hubs, the all new Edge sweep bar, Edge stem and seatpost. He will also be working closely with Edge engineers on future mountain bike specific projects. Asked what his new season will comprise, Lopes replied, “A lot like last year. I plan to hit 2010 events that have a good vibe, are well supported by the media, and most of all are fun events. Downhill, Dual Slalom, Super D, Enduro; I will be doing a little of everything on pretty much every continent.”

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