Wow. If you didn’t wake up for that you’ll be kicking yourself! That would have to be one of the raddest World Cup races to unfold and Brook took the win! His first World Cup win ever. Unfortunately Cam couldn’t back up his solid qualifying run with a win but he still landed himself in a respectable 8th place on the short and unforgiving track at Val d’Isère, France. Blenki and Brannigan didnt have quite as good a day finishing in 18th and 20th respectively. But four Kiwis in the top 20 is not to be sniffed at and in the overall standings (with one more round to go) there are five Kiwis in the top 20. Oh, and because Minnaar and Gwin were down in 4th and 5th and won fewer points, it all means that Gwin has taken the overall title already.

The Red Bull media training is paying off. Brook only dropped the F-bomb once in his post-race interview, and he didn’t even talk about getting drunk!

Below are the overall DHI standings with one more round to go in Norway.

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