Socks! Bryce from Cycletech got me socks, but cool socks. A pair of the Sock Guy Missy Giove tribute socks and the Twitter tribute socks… well not so much a tribute if you check out what’s underneath the foot.



It’s not new to Cycletech but Ultimate Support stands have re-branded to Feedback stands and this bad boy (the Pro Elite) is their flagship, it’s super light and stable and it features a pretty funky clamp.


Lift your bike in with one hand, whack the end and your bike is in the stand. You can then fine tune the tightness. Whack the red button to release. Simple.


And then there is the tool tray (which should everyone else’s stands) which comes complete with wash bath (with plug), cup holder and a whole bunch of holes for allen keys and screw drivers. We will be putting this thing through its paces for a test in the next issue of Spoke.


And finally these revolutionary light weight ESI silicon grips. I’ll be putting a green set of these on my bike tomorrow (as will each of Spoke’s review team) but until then all I can do is tell you they weigh pretty much nothing and are probably the simplest grips I’ve ever seen. But they are popping up more and more on elite level riders’ rigs.

Thanks for the socks Bryce.

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