This X-Ray shows the broken arm of Team Lapierre International racer Cam Cole, of Christchurch, New Zealand, after a crash at the 2011 Downhill World Championships held in Champéry, Switzerland last September. Credit: Adventure Media Group/Cam Cole
Speaking of the DH World Cup it looks like Cam Cole has decided not to race the first round as his arm hasn’t fully recovered from his crash in Champery at the World Champs last year. Here’s the full press release.

Team Lapierre International rider Cam Cole is to sit out first round of 2012 UCI Downhill MTB World Cup series to be held at Pietermaritzburg, South Africa this weekend.

The decision to sit out the opening round of the 2012 UCI World Cup series was not any easy one for Cam, who broke his wrist completely through during the Downhill World Championships last September.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to ride a mountain bike. I only got back on a cross-country bike two weeks ago, just light riding,” explains 24-year-old Cole.

It was at the 2011 World Championships held in September at Champery, Switzerland, that Cole broke his wrist after a fall in a practice run. Ironically, it was only 100m from where he’d fallen the previous year during a World Cup round, which resulted in a broken scaphoid.

“I’ve been training hard since November. I’ve been able to run, swim, go to the gym and ride the road bike, so I have a good base, but I need to bring some power and sport-specific elements to my training now,” smiles Cole.

Cam Cole got out on his trail bike at Craigeburn Forest recently for a ride with New Zealand visitor and team mate Nico Vouilloz

He expects to ride his downhill bike in the next few weeks, the first time since his crash at Champery. This will give him a few months before his first World Cup race to raise the intensity required to compete at the highest level.

“I’m not race-ready, mentally or physically,” he offers.

“I haven’t spent any time on the bike, so I don’t have a choice here. I am a racer and I want to test myself every time I go out, but I need to be ready. I need these two weeks here in New Zealand to keep my recovery on track. I want to be 100% and strong when I get back on the bike.”

For 2012, Cole is joined on the Team Lapierre International Team by a new mechanic: his good friend Matt Clark, “otherwise known as Snowy”. Cole will join teammate and fellow Kiwi Sam Blenkinsop, of Wanganui, on the team that also includes Patrick Thome and Loic Bruni and is mentored by one of the sport’s most respected riders, Nicolas Vouilloz.

When asked about the magnitude of missing the first round, Cole is quick to put the season into perspective.

“The only change for me will be that I won’t be Top-80 in the practice for the second World Cup, so I will have to get up earlier and will get a little less practice time.”

“I will be one of the early ones to qualify and then hopefully from there I will be in the Top-80 or Top-20 from there on in and then I will be protected for qualifying as well.”

He had only failed to qualify for one World Cup ever. “I was sick with some kind of swine flu, so my record is pretty good”, he said.

“Missing out on the points from this first round doesn’t worry me, I’ll make it up later on, it’s been done before. I just want to win races,” he added.

There are two big events in the elite echelon of downhill racing: the UCI World Cup Series made up of seven rounds and the UCI World Championship, which is a one-off event and will be held at Leogang, Austria in September.

“The World Championships have become more of a focus for me for the next three years,” shares Cole.

“It’s a pinnacle event for mountain biking. The track at Leogang has been good for me in the past. It’s where I had my second podium so I’m very excited about racing there at the start of September.”

Throughout the summer, Cole has been working hard with his new coach, Katherine Prumm, herself a multi-World Motocross Champion.

“I guess change is motivating. I’ve been on some good training that’s more specific to my sport and I feel like I’ve made gains through that,” he begins.

“I haven’t been as tired as much; I’ve had the opportunity to recover between training sessions and I feel like that has allowed me to make gains. I feel like I’m now doing the right training with the right structure.”

“Katherine has been a world-class athlete herself in motocross. It’s hard to find someone who has both the knowledge and the experience. Motocross is a little bit longer duration than downhill, but otherwise there are a lot of similarities. You can’t buy that kind of experience.”

Prumm is no stranger to recovering from injury and has been able to keep Cole on track throughout an off-season completely devoid of any downhill riding.

“She’s good on the psyche side and has helped to keep me positive and focused,” he explains.

“It seems like a lot of the mental side comes from knowing that you’ve done everything in your control that you can do to prepare and from there it’s just a matter of letting the race happen.”

Follow Cam’s race season at:

2012 Race Calendar: Cam Cole

UCI Downhill World Cup Series 2012

March 17, 18            Round 1        Pietermaritzburg, RSA
June 02, 03            Round 2        Val di Sole, Italy
June 09,10            Round 3        Fort William, Great Britain
June 23, 24            Round 4        Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada
June 30, July 01            Round 5        Windham, USA
July 28, 29            Round 6        Val d’Isére, France
September 15, 16            Round 7        Hafjell, Norway

UCI Downhill World Championships 2012

August 31 to September 02            Leogang, Austria


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