On Saturday afternoon Auckland was host to one of the international rounds of ‘Fast Foward‘, a series of fixed gear races dotted around the world, with winners gaining entry to ‘Fast Friday’ the grand finale in San Francisco.

The race was put on by Ivan Mennium and the Steady Rollin crew, supported of course by DVS Shoes, Matix, Cadence, Red Bull and T Whites Bikes.

The race took in seven check points and zig-zagged its way across Auckland city, totalling roughly 17km depending which route you chose to ride from check point to check point. Racing was pretty tight but in the end Jenna Makgill took the win, but only just. Max (Jenna’s partner) was a close second, and Red Bull Mini-Drome winner Ken White took 3rd.

All entry fees and some money from the sponsors, combined with some money from some auctioned DVS kicks and some money from the book keepers (what would a race be with out betting?) should see Jenna heading to San Francisco to represent New Zealand at Fast Friday. We know you’ll do us proud Jenna!

Photographer and rider Hagan Hill put together a sweet writeup of the event over at The Chain Gang Kids blog, and of course Steady Rollin have some pics and a story up too, for added blog steeze check out what Tim White had to say too. And check out Jenna’s crew The Chain Gang Girls too!

Unfortunately after a good start I managed to get horribly lost half way through and made it back to the finish at T Whites Bikes just in time to collect my booby prize for coming dead last by almost half an hour! The prize really had nothing to do with Booby though but was a sweet set of Matix headphones. Bonza! I wrote a few other notes of interest down on my blog HERE. And sorry to those who bet on me and lost their money!

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