It’s simple, the Neuron is the definitive all-round full-suspension mountain bike efficient enough for big days with plenty climbing, and with 130 mm of travel, also capable enough to tackle technical trails. And it just got even better for 2020 inheriting a range of design features and technologies from its big brother, the multi award-winning carbon fibre Neuron CF.

A classic mountain bike in the truest sense of the word, the aluminium Neuron AL has been one of Canyon’s top sellers for years. And as mountain biking has evolved, the Neuron AL has always evolved along with it, staying at the forefront of trail bike design and technology. And the newest generation now features a range of key technologies first featured on last year’s Neuron CF – features that made that bike so hugely successful.




Neuron Geo.JPG

The most striking update on the new bike is the all-new frame: the old bike’s vertical shock has been replaced by a horizontal design. There’s still 130mm of travel on the rear, but the new bike now features Canyon’s tried -and-tested Triple Phase Kinematics, implemented on a large range of the brands full-suspension bikes. The system delivers outstanding sensitivity at the start of the stroke, huge stability through the middle, and a progressive ramp for that endless feel at the end of the stroke. The result a bike that delivers superb comfort levels, maximum efficiency, and outstanding trail performance for a bike in this segment. Thanks to a geometry optimised for big 29er wheels in larger frame sizes, the Neuron AL both climbs and descends with incredible stability. And to deliver the same outstanding ride feel and performance in sizes 2XS, XS, and S, the bike was designed around 27.5 (650B) wheels meaning that smaller riders don’t have to make any compromises in terms of agility and sharp handling on the trail.

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The new Neuron AL also delivers the goods for young mountain bikers with the Neuron AL Young Hero, a proper fullsuspension bike designed for children and younger riders 140 cm and taller. The bike also features top-quality parts across the board, and components such as the suspension specially selected and adapted where necessary. The result: an outstanding bike at the price-point of only $2,599. Alongside the Neuron AL 6.0 and WMN 6.0 ( $3,149) and 7.0 and WMN 7.0 ( $3,849)*, the Young Hero will be available from 2 April exclusively on

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