lunchpackWhat,  Le Tour coverage on Spoke? While dressing up in Lycra and riding ultra-skinny tyres on the blacktop isn’t everyone’s number one way to spend a day riding, you’ve got to remember it IS the world’s biggest bike race.
The big story so far has been Mark Cavendish; when it comes down to a sprint no-one seems to be able to get near him.  What makes this even more confusing is that despite the fact he’s been dominating in the last couple of stages he’s waaaay down at #142 in general classification because he had an average day on the first stage.

Being able to perform brain surgery could come in handy when working out how the results work. No simple gold,  silver and bronze system here. There’s sprint aces, hill climbers, and most aggressive rider jerseys, plus the race itself is a bit like a chess game with riders being moved to certain spots around the peloton. How anyone can watch this stuff on TV in the early hours of the morning and understand what’s going on is a mystery to me.

Standings here.

Here’s some pictures of Cav’s bike: ugly or cool? Your thoughts readers.




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