Chris King announced yesterday the introduction of Ceramic BBs to their lineup in both road and mountain. Like all things Chris King, they are prepared to back the name and are offering a 5 year warranty on these puppies. Each one has 24 balls per bearing and they are designed to work with the Chris King injector tool. The what tool? Yup, it was news to me, but the tool has been around for a while and it’s pretty awesome. You just remove the crank arms and the bearing cover (but not the bearing shield), slide in the injector tool and pump in the grease. The tool has four ports that distribute the grease evenly around the bottom bracket (it fits all Chris King BBs by the way). ETA on the BBs in New Zealand is about eight weeks and RRP is looking like $320.00 for Shimano and $340.00 for SRAM. Did I mention they’re made in the USA and available in ten colours?

For more info on re-greasing Chris King BBs you can download the tech PDF here.


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