Richie Goldsbury had a bit of spare time up his sleeve last week and whipped up this little update on the state of Christchurch tracks. I’m guessing if you live there you may know what’s up, and if you don’t, well now you know.
Tim and Simon are working up at Pop n Fresh. They are putting in a few easier options to make it accessible to more people. This ladder drop bypasses a chicane to make it easier to get enough speed for the following step-down jump.
Last week the Geotech guys did something many people would love to do—blow up and push rocks down the hill to make the road out of Vic park “safe” again.

Also Nick the ranger has been threatening to go down to the bottom of the Bridges Flow track and finish the new last section we put in last winter. This will be a super cool addition to the park because it runs on the other side of the stream to the rest of the tracks, joining into the uphill of the Bowenvale bonus, which will means you’ll be able to get from the top of the park to nearly the end of Bowenvale Ave on singletrack, instead of wasting height on the dirt road. No photo of that because at the moment I don’t think the line has been started.










I’m still working on a new section of Radsick which is easier than the rest of the track, but still should be pretty fun. Hopefully it’ll shake a bunch of my workmates out of their stale riding style. Andy and Jhan are working on Cool Runnings; they’re making the jumps a bit more trail bike friendly. Hopefully we’ll end out with an intersection from the new section of Radsick which will feed into Cool Runnings.









Ashley, Aaron and the Gravity Canterbury dig days are being spent on rebuilding the old Fenceline track. What they’ve done so far is really fun and they’re putting hard / easy options in so it should become one of the most popular tracks this summer. They are making the previously straight traverses into rising falling ones as can be seen behind Tim in this picture.

Nick Thorley, the trail building god, has been working on the Flying Nun track for about five years now. As always he’s doing a top job of making what once was a rather plain track very special; why just rock armour when you can also have features?











Rick has just made this pump track at Pioneer Pool. It has cool shapes in it, it’s beside a playground and has a free BBQ. I know where my family will be having picnic dinners this summer!

Graham Allen has had his last Sunday of the month group digging / preparing the old Dyers Pass track / below the end of Flying Nun track for resurfacing. With any luck some of those banks will end out as nice little wall rides and the likes.

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