Everyone has their reasons for riding bikes…Sporty people who want to excerpt themselves, to get fit or to clear their heads.The true racers who want speed and performance.Adventurers who never cross the same path twice.There’s those who strive for style and stomping tricks, on the ground or in the air.Whatever the reason you like to be on your bike, you’ve always liked to share it with someone.First of all with your parents. Then in a group of friends. Perhaps even with your soulmate.And eventually maybe with your child.At first, you’re proud to see them enjoying themselves, progressing. You flood social media with videos of them on their bike.But lately something is unnerving you.Now, they keep up and sometimes even overtake you.They clear that gap you’ve never dared to attempt!These days they prefer to ride with their mates and they let you know that it would be even better if you weren’t there.But they’re still so small…At the same time, this is what you wanted.The more you think about it, the easier it gets.It all started the day they got their CLASH..

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