So everyone knows about trickle down technology right? Well the battle for helmet camera supremacy is bringing us some sweet trickle up technology and Contour’s latest offering, the Contour+, is the poster child of this technology explosion. The camera is packed with new features that elevate it up above its competition. For starters it’s rocking a wider angle of view than it has in the past, shifting to 175º for a full wide angle view, then there is the new HDMI output that will enable film crews and folks like Freecaster to live stream helmet cam and POV runs. In addition there is now a mic jack as well so you can fine tune audio with your own audio recording devices, add that to the Bluetooth linked display for checking angle and exposure as well as the GPS function and you now have the leader of the POV pack. If you want to pre-order one head over here. For more info on the Contour+ head over here.

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