TSG safety gear is relatively new to New Zealand shores but it’s been a major player internationally for a while now. Just look at the head of your favourite dirtjumper and there’s a good chance they’ll have a TSG atop their mop. TSG have just launched a sweet line of kids ‘skate styled’ helmets. They look like an adult helmet, only smaller, so little Johnny (or Tracey) can now have a helmet just like Dad’s (or Mum’s).

The world’s first kids helmet with perfect fit and appealing skate and dirt halfshell styling

TSG’s new Nipper is the first in-mold half-shell helmet for little children. It offers perfect fit and ultimate protection even at the sides of a child’s super sensitive head. The Nipper is the latest development of Swiss helmet expert TSG. After several years ofresearch and development, including both the intense analysis of children’s head shapes aswell as the adaptation of casting molds to their specific anatomic features, TSG proudly presents a new kids helmet for spring 2011.

Flyweight design for sensible children’s heads
The Nipper is designed using an in-mold manufacturing process: a solid polycarbonate outer shell is fused with a shock-absorbing EPS inner shell. Thanks to this efficient manufacturing process, the helmet only weighs 195 g without sacrificing protection performance.

Safe and low fit
The Nipper is made for children’s head sizes from 48 to 51 and can be used from the point of when children start to walk. It is the world’s first kids helmet of this size which truly fits without the need of an additional adjustment wheel at the back. Traditional kids helmets have to be re-adjusted every time, which increases the risk of adjustment failures and a negative influence on the safety aspects due to additional parts and pieces on the head. With a set of 4 inner pads, the Nipper is perfectly adjustable to the individual head size of the child. The Tuned Fit System with 2 size sets allows for a convenient size adjustment as children get older and grow.

TSG has deliberately chosen the successful half-shell design for the Nipper model. Besides an appealing look and appearance, a half-shell helmet offers enhanced protection along the sides of the head due to its low fit. At the same time, it perfectly covers the forehead and back of the head. While other manufacturers of kids helmets commonly include a front shield, TSG’s Nipper comes without it. A front shield blocks children’s sight and thus, involves a higher safety risk.

Certified performance
The Nipper fits and offers superior safety packed in a high-level miniature size helmet. The helmet fulfils the EN 1078 safety standards of the European Committee for Standardization as well as the directives U.S. CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) for bike

The Nipper is available from spring 2011. Among the color/design options are gloss black
and flat black as well as the Panda and Spooky Castle graphic designs.

For more info check out Cycletech’s website.

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