Crank Brothers and WH Worralls are nice. They are so nice that they have instigated a Crank Brothers pedal upgrade program. Got an old working set of Crank Brothers Candys or Egg Beaters? Well you just need to drop them off to a dealer or post them to W H Worralls direct with the attached form and you can save around 30% off a pair of new 2010 pedals. It’s that simple. The New Candys and Egg Beaters feature redesigned bodies, a 150% stronger axle, and use needle bearings instead of bushings, meaning easier servicing and longer life.

Just click the form to download the PDF. Just so you know, regardless of whether you post your pedals back direct or use your local dealer the price is the same, so if a dealer tries to charge you more than what’s on the form below then it’s time to find a new shop!

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