Kyle Strait throwing down this 1 foot table after Michal Marosi crashed out

James ‘Foulmouth’ Allan and I are bringing Spoke readers all the exclusives shots and gossip from Crankworx so you don’t have to read another regurgitated press release this week. First day first; Dual Slalom, which took place in the wet snakepit of another amazing looking Crankworx Dual course. Mitch Ropelato and Jill Kintner took the wins as you may have read elsewhere, but read on for more bangers and mash. The above shot is of Kyle Strait throwing down this invert after Michal Marosi crashed out. Strait got third.

Dan Atherton broke his neck and almost died one year ago almost to the day. Here he is not looking back.


Ropelato is the most stylish little rider out there. Even when traveling through the course faster than anyone else he still had the time to add a little flare to his run. Kid got mad skills and is favorite to take the PumpTrack Challenge later on in the week.

Jill Kintner boosting the last jump to victory. Not many girls were hitting this booter. Jill was boosting it as you can see.

There is a big Kiwi contingent in Whistler this year. Looking quiet here but they have been getting rowdy on the trails and possibly the bars from what I've heard.

Nathan Rankin is over and looking fierce. You can't tell but it's raining and miserable when this shot was taken. He must of being the only guy in a cotton t-shirt shredding laps during practice for the Canadian Open race which takes place today.

Looks like a Trek. At Crankworks, if you keep your eye out you never know what you might find!

It's wet here. The first weekend is always wet at Crankworx so hopefully the pattern will remain and it will get better. Thanks to James Allen for the shots.



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    1. Whoring… interesting comment, but i tend to think Seb straddles the balance of whoring and making a living from cycle related stuff quite well… Just out of curiosity are you a hipster? Its just that you sound like someone who discovered the Beatles (last year) but now doesn’t like them because they are popular…

      1. Hipster? or someone whom still lives at home with his mum in a race car bed unfortunately she forgot to iron his favourite starwars undies so he is a wee bit upset.

  2. Yeah, because that article was overloaded with advertising, sponsor name drops, and merchandising links. Move on boots.

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