So here it is, the run that you will be telling your kids about in 50 years’ time, Danny Hart’s World Championship winning run at Champery!

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    1. Very interesting read, from what i understand the deal with Rocky Roads to sponsor the World Cup and World Champs is so shrouded in controversy that its a big reason for Freecaster.tv not coming back. $10 is a lot to watch a run… i’m in two minds whether to take it down or not but the people watching this aren’t Freecaster.tv customers. If Scott Bikes, Trek and a few others can get together and bankroll the entire MTB World Cup, why cant the industry at large chip in and pay for a weeks racing? That’s my question.

      1. Looks like all the videos have been pulled now, although the horse has certainly bolted.
        While a discussion better suited to bull-shitting-over-beer…it is an interesting problem for content producers who provide a lot of ‘free’ (like Spoke) that consumers start to expect it all to be free. I agree that it would be easier if everything were sponsor supported but I am guessing you know better than anyone that it doesn’t always pan out that way. That said Ray’s saying now that he will only go for sponsorship deals from this point on or not do it. Makes life easier for him I guess in the end.

        By the way, there were a bunch of outstanding runs that afternoon. Rightly so Hart’s has overshadowed them all but Pascal sliding into 5th with bars so high he should have been catching his chin on them, Barel’s final run with 4 broken ribs putting him into 10th, Brendog smoking into 4th, Blenki’s almost silver medal run with two mistakes that cost him and Spagnolo’s run that had him on the hot seat for most of the day it seemed… and then there was the Bryceland crash, a V10 has never spun so fast or gone so far!! Almost enough to make me want to buy the DVD really…

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