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Today marks the release of the first installment of ‘MacAskill’s Imaginate’. A project that has been two years in the making, the first episode is aptly titled ‘In the Balance’ as a persistent back problem for Danny looks as though it could stop his most ambitious project to date before it has begun.

We follow Danny to Newport Beach in California, where he tries to identify and remedy a problem that not only threatens the project but his career as a rider.

Under the watchful guidance of Red Bull UK’s Head of High Performance Darren Roberts, Danny trains with world renowned mountain bike siblings the Athertons and meets trials bike pioneer and one of Danny’s heroes, Hans Rey. “I definitely see Hans as a role model, it’s good to talk to him about injuries and see how you can make a comeback.”

Regular gym work and physiotherapy may heal the injury over time, but it’s only when Danny visits spine surgeon Dr. Robert Bray at the D.I.S.C facility that he finds a solution to combat the problem without restrictions. But at what price?

You can check out Episode 1 on here.

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