Sven Martin’s Deep Summer Photo Challenge Entry – More Mountain Bike Videos

VitalMTB and Sven Martin have been good enough to post up Sven’s slideshow submission from last year’s Deep Summer Photo Challenge. Today in Whistler the invited shooters and their teams are scoping, planning, and prepping for three mad days of shooting as part of the Deep Summer Photo Challenge 2011, arguably the top event in the CRANKWORX schedule. The teams include Dan Barham, Tim Zimmerman, Robin O’Neill, Justin Olsen, Margus Riga, and John Wellburn. Dan Barham’s team has been scoping and planning all week while Dan has been in Vancouver selecting the right suit to wear for the grand showing on Wednesday night. Tim Zimmerman is one of the top snow photogs in the world, most notably working with Brain Farm on the Travis Rice movies That’s It, That’s All and the forthcoming The Art Of Flight.I have heard rumours that he may be using some very unique and groundbreaking equipment/tools being used to get his shots for the Deep Summer comp. Robin O’Neill is a long time Whistler resident and she is poised to really lead the way in presenting the soul of Whistler rather than the so-called glitz and glamour that all the circus monkeys think it’s about. She has teamed up with Chromag Bike soul shredders to capture the real essence of Whistler. I haven’t seen or heard much else from the other teams but it’s always exciting to see the teams frantically blasting around the place on the three shoot days and then see what they present at the end of it. This year is the first year I won’t be a part of a Deep Summer team as I have other Spoke duties elsewhere. More about that over the weekend.

Tune in for more behind the scenes gossip and BS from Crankworx on SPOKEMAGAZINE.COM y’all. We are so imbedded that we don’t even say goodnight. [ed: What the?]

Interesting fact: The image above may or may not have been taken by yours truly. Sven used little old me as a step ladder to get into the tree, tape a very expensive camera onto it, then use a remote slave to fire it. This way he could shoot three different photos at once. I don’t mean the same angle shot three times on sprayer burst, I mean he had three cameras set up in different places so when Gee came through he could get three angles and therefore be three times more productive in the short time that Gee gave Sven that day. Gee was practicing for the Garbo race and didn’t want to get into a long drawn out photo shoot. One more time Gee. Please!!!

Now, I claim I may have shot this photo because Sven handed me the trigger to get the shot, but really, apart from pressing the button and having my spine compressed by the hulking weight of Hurricane Sven, I didn’t really do the hard work that this shot took. Photographers have to be incredibly talented and dedicated to work in mountain biking and although there are many shooters out there these days, the true talent rises to the top. The Deep Summer Photo Challenge (although being horrendously and hideously biased towards shooters from BC this year) is a great way to showcase the photographic talents of great photographers and put the image magicians on a pedestal for once, rather than the riders hogging the limelight.

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