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The Diaries boys just dropped their final episode of the summer series and it’s a nice little recap of the Queenstown Bike Festival with the best footage of the Mega out there. Hell it almost looks appealing (apart from all that road).

Just as autumn starts to make its way into Queenstown, the Queenstown Bike Festival gives summer one final send-off before the snow starts to fall.

The newest addition to the Bike Festival this year is the Mega  Avalanche. This is an event that requires heli access and the competitors hurtle their way towards the bottom of The Remarkables road. One of the sketchiest events we’ve ever seen.

The TEVA Slopestyle is another classic event that has the international crew raving about another amazing slopestyle set-up designed by local legend Kelly McGarry.

An exciting end to another epic summer in Queenstown!

Next up…Winter!

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