Graeme Murray just fired through these pics from the first stages of construction of the Dodzy Memorial Skills Park in Rotorua. Adam King and Chris Martin of Empire of Dirt are building it and it’s located right next to Nursery Rd, just to the right of the tarseal climb into the forest. I’m sure you’ll all agree that its epic setting amongst the huge redwoods is a fitting place to build on the legacy of James Dodds.

Groundwork is happening at moment but Empire of Dirt have amazing plans for the place. We’re currently trying to pin Adam down to find out what exactly is in store. In the mean time don’t be afraid to check out their progress and maybe even deliver them some home baking!




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  1. digger built trails???….it’ll never work. Mtb trails should be hand built. They are done sooo quickly and are wide enough , no-one ever argues about how to build them, jumps and berms go in real easy like and there are sooo many volunteers just waiting to get involved… I mean look at Wellington, no digger built trails and its a winner. Its the new Queenstown i tell you. Trail heaven i tell you. Tourism Wgtn think so and are getting ready to market it right now. You should all move there now.

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