Wham bam thank you m’aam! The 2013 Unit Farm jam is all over once again. You all know the drill, the green grassy rolling hills, the flocks of sheep chowin’ down a mean feed of grass in the paddock, the coming together of the two wheeled codes in the ultimate playground for BMX MTB and FMX shenanigans, hundreds of bike riding FIENDS congregating in one place huckin off dirt ramps, getting all craaazzzzy in mid air then lighting massive bonfires and generally having a heck of a great time.

I think this was Farm Jam number five for me and I can honestly say was the best one yet. Unfortunately I crashed out, used my face for brakes and smashed my spine into a pulp during practice then was forced to watch the comp from the sideline. But the weather, attendance of international riders, course additions and general atmosphere were unmatched at the 2013 Farm Jam.

With Unit and Red Bull coming to the party in a big way this year, it was possible to get some of the country’s top trail builders and excavator drivers to combine heads and shovels with legends of two wheeled escapades The Frew Bro’s to add some extra dimensions to the long running event. The FMX crew carved up some new terrain and created a whole new stomping ground across the valley from the old course. The FMX comp went down in two halves, the first one on the new setup. It got pretty wild, check it out

The BMX/MTB lines also got some love and were looking siiiick with a few extra lines thrown in there too. Just watching Friday’s practice and seeing the level of riding going on it was pretty obvious the Farm Jam was going to go off like a pork chop in the sun! Waking up on Saturday to pretty decent weather was exciting and before we knew it, it was huck o’clock. With the help of Gravity Components, the MTB kicked off first. Groms and well-known riders were seen to be sending themselves towards the moon in a bid to get the vote of their peers and get a spot on the podium, it was great to watch. The New Zealand contingent of shredders were going nuts; Nick Dethridge, Phil McLean, Lewis Jones and Conor MacFarlane all smashed it with new lines, rad tricks and general rowdiness on their way to the podium. But it was the little Spanish savage Andreu Lacondeguy who took 1st place with some mega steez and mega tricks, all done at high altitude, not to mention making an appearance in every discipline Farm Jam had to offer. FMX, BMX and MTB, Andreu punishes them all, nice work mate.

BMX was next on the bill and whoooa shit got out of hand. I’ve travelled a lot and been to a few BMX comps before but I have never seen BMXers getting after it like that! The level was so high it was hard to take it all in. Highlight of the day for me was watching young Aussie shredder Kyle Baldock absolutely shut the place down. I have never seen anyone tear it up so much in one sitting. His tricks were off the charts but the thing that blew me away was the height he did them at. I could break down the trick list for you but it would be way better for you to check it out for yourself on one of the web edits sure to be smashing your crackbook account very shortly. Epic.

You have to give the Frew boys and their huge crew of family, mates, helpers and sponsors credit for having the vision and drive to make this unique event come out of the ground every year. Everyone who walks or rides in the gate has a blast, spectators old and young, guys who have just learnt to do X-ups to the best riders in the world, the event is so chilled and fun it’s impossible to have a bad day. Nice work cuzzies, you’re doing the New Zealand scene proud !

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