My buddy Justin Olsen has just released this sweet clip from Kelly and Eric Porter’s Green River trip that was featured in Spoke issue 45. It’s pretty damn sweet and looked like one hell of a sweet trip. I’m trying to think of a New Zealand river we could do this on?

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  1. That looks like such a fun trip! I think if you wanted to try and do a trip like that in NZ, with my small amount of paddling you could ride in to Oamaru hut over Te Iringa then (heli drop rafts in) paddle down the river (Motu?), there are hot springs not far down, then you cross the Napier Taupo road then its a grade 4 paddle the next bit, which I paddled once and it was raining but I remember a big slipped surface on the river right, which reminded me a bit of checker board mesa as you go into Zion National park, but it was pretty cold and it might just suck.. In the south Island the Clarence river – from above Hamner out to north of Kaikoura would have possiblities, it might be lots of super dry high country farm riding though. I expect central Otago would be the smartest place, all the west coast rivers I imagine are too jungle to make free riding work.

  2. Pretty sure the Oamaru runs into the Ngaruroro River. Prime hunting country….freeride there and you’ll end up on someones trophy wall. Done a bit of huntin’ there myself back in the day by golly.
    We do a 3 day trip down our local river in canadian canoes. Take bikes sometimes too and ride on some abandoned sheep stations. Kinda XC though. But that trip down the Green looks pretty damn fun. Hell yeah! When do we go…….

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