The third round of the NZ DH Cup (presented by Rabobank for a ridiculously small fee!) was supposed to go down in Rotorua over the weekend. Saturday started pretty well, a damp track offering perfect traction for riders with mud tyres, while those without had a few more sideways moments. By early afternoon the rain started to fall once again, with some big showers coming though. Lots of riders battled on trying to get things sorted in practice prior to racing the following day.

The conditions claimed a few riders, with people coming down coated in mud, many pushing broken bikes. The biggest sob story of the day was Dan Head’s and his head-on with a tree just before the finish line, RIP his fork, snapped at the crowns, pretty stink considering he’d wrecked a set down in Napier the previous weekend too!

Kieran Bennett was back on the steed, after deciding to concentrate on National racing as opposed to World Cups. Kieran was hitting the course with a relaxed but ‘full on’ attitude on his second outing aboard his new Zerode.

The rain continued through the night and into Sunday morning, and with worse weather forecast the powers that be (MTBNZ) decided the best course of action was to call the event off. Thanks MTBNZ for keeping me and anyone else who wanted to ride or watch dry, clean and happy!

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