Okay so first up I’d like to apologise for not updating the site while I was away; I had these grand plans but they didn’t eventuate to nowt. Seb’s been doing a stand up job of single handedly looking after the site anyway, so it’s like I wasn’t even gone. Which brings me to Ground Effect’s Tardis bag. Now I had used one of these in the past. Well, kind of. Ground Effect sent one up to Wellington and I was going to fly down to Christchurch for a story in issue 14 of Spoke. But when I got to the airport my camera gear combined with my luggage combined with my bike, well, it wasn’t going to be cheap so the bike and Tardis stayed behind. But that was a 26″ wheeled Santa Cruz Chameleon. When I asked Ground Effect if my new XL 29″ wheeled Santa Cruz Tallboy would fit in the bag Ground Effect were supremely confident. I doubted a little, as did the people at Easton and Santa Cruz bikes, but lo and behold, the XL Tallboy fit snugly in the Tardis, and in fact it would easily fit the XXL! I was a little dubious how flying home from the States would go on the bike, but after my four plane changes and being inspected by US and New Zealand authorities three times, all the wear it has to show for it is a scratched bottle cage. Golden.


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