Hello dear friends, and welcome back
To a place where colors emerge from black
Another chapter from our little DreamRide
So take a minute to enjoy. Set your work aside

We’ve traveled quite far, across ocean and land
To make something unique, something wild and grand
Steaming volcanoes and hot lava flows
Places with magic, where time simply slows

Sit back and relax. Let your dreams run free
Create anything that your mind wants to see!
But until you’re able to cut loose and explore
We invite you to join us on our journey, once more.

Welcome to DreamRide II

What makes dreams so incredibly special? Is it the fact that they’re simply figments of our imagination? Untouchable? Too colorful for reality? DreamRide 2 aims to bring dreams to life. Ride along with us as we journey across massive lava fields, cruise alongside evergreen canyons, chase rainbows, ride on frozen rivers and explore volcanic caves. These are the places only seen in dreams. Welcome to back to DreamRide.

DreamRide2 is brought to you by Diamondback Bikes and the 2017 Diamondback Release.
All imagery was shot by Bruno Long.

Directed by Mike Hopkins
Produced by Mike Hopkins/Juicy Studios
Filming by Jordan Manley, Scott Secco, David Peacock
Edited by Scott Secco
Written by Lacy Kemp
Executive Producer Steve Westover

Check out the gallery, Dreamride II was filmed on the island of Hawaii, Revelstoke mountain and Abraham Lake, Alberta.

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