Nine years ago a bunch of riders descended on Alexandra and Queenstown for episode 3 of Drop In New Zealand. As the episodes get released on YouTube we’re looking back at the madness.

The Alex locals were excited about the arrival of Drop In and had gone all out building a bunch of jumps and stunts around the bottom of MTB Heaven with a digger. Unfortunately they hadn’t enough time to tune things past “dodgy” and quite a lot of the bigger stuff hadn’t even been ridden.

So kids, if pro riders are coming to your town make sure you’ve given yourselves enough time to prepare  and have someone local with enough cajones to test pilot beforehand. Also don’t stand between the camera and the riders picking your nose and looking vaguely into the middle distance, because that ruins the shot.

After Alex we headed to Nathan’s hometown of Queenstown. Nine years ago Queenstown was already taking shape as… well… Queenstown – crazy to think Gorge Road is a decade old. You’ll see a bit of tourist type stuff popping up on Drop In New Zealand – partially because of the kind support of Tourism NZ and partially because what else are you going to do if you’re visiting New Zealand?

The episode rounds out at Nathan’s playground Dream Track – which was to supply plenty of drama in Episode 3. Drama!

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